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Challenge: Join in ludumdare for the first time (ludumdare 37 - one room) = 37 hours in a room

Wash' Em balls game made with Unity (C#)

HowTo: Dynamic Grid in Unity (C#)

Challenge: Birthday 01 - Protect the Cake

Protect the Cake made with Unity

Practical Quizzes in School: 3d models using blender with tuts

Puzzle - Build the Image


Jimmy Neutron - My first cartoon character with color in Blender

My first blender animation

3d logo with Blender

My first 3d character in blender

Learning Blender

Learning unity from activities - laying out sprites

My first voxel art - DuckSeat

My first monster in pokemonGO

I'll stop for now in PixelDailies, too busy. Maybe this is my last.

High five! for my 5th week of joining pixel dailies

My 4th week of joining pixel dailies

My 3rd week of joining Pixel Dailies

Testing my animation skills

My 2nd week of joining pixel dailies

Batman and batarang with quotes

Doppelgunner of a boxer