My 4th week of joining pixel dailies

The arts that I made this week were not so great compared to the others. The main reason was because I am busy finding an internship. I went to interviews and visited the companies I applied for. It is convenient that we have online websites that helps people find jobs. I used jobstreet to find one. Luckily, I landed on RisingTide, they accepted me easily compared to other companies. Because of being an intern and commuting from house to work, I have no time to think of an idea for the pixel dailies.

As you'll notice in my previous posts too that I always say negative things. I maybe not confident but deep inside I always comfort myself. That's one of my techniques that's why I still don't give up creating pixel arts for pixel dailies. It's true that there is always better than you. But, it is also true that there will be always worse than you. Imagine there is always one person who is extremely unlucky and gets to experience embarrassing moments in front of the crowd.

I was only able to create 5 during this week, they are the FANTASTIC 5.

Back to the gallery, here are my not so good art works:

Title: Minion grilling a banana
Theme: grill

Minions want banana remember? I just mixed them up together with the grill theme. I don't even know how to draw smokes. I just made it look cute by making it look like circle-puffs.

catchphrase: "Me want grilled banana!"

Minion grilling a banana

Title: Biker finding a gas station
Theme: gas station

Boring, thats all I can say about this pixel art. Even the catchphrase can't capture me.

catchphrase: Oh my GASh!

Biker finding a gas station

Title: Reptar with eyes of a tiger
Theme: Rugrats

I failed 2 to 3 times drawing the babies from Rugrats that's why I decided to draw Reptar. During this day I was very bored but still it turned out good compared with the biker and the Ganondorf baby. The baby looks like shit.

catchphrase: Roar! Reptar got the eyes of a tiger!

Reptar with eyes of a tiger

Title: Baby Ganondorf
Theme: Ganondorf

Enemy of Zelda? I did not play that game but just know the main character cause its pretty famous. There are always news of that game but why do I not know of the famous villain? They said he Ganondorf most of the time is the last boss in many Zelda game. Look below, even my catchphrase for this is not unique.

catchphrase: Kkwuarzz yuu Zwelldwa!

Baby Ganondorf

Title: Splatoon squid
Theme: Splatoon

Is Splatoon an anime? Don't know anything about this theme. I just made a quick search on google and I found a nice squid with some nice graphics. I just draw it and searched for a squid joke for the catchphrase.

catchphrase: How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?
If you want the answer search it on google.


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