Keyboard Snooper: A keylogger java tutorial series

Keyboard Snooper youtube video tutorial

Keyboard Snooper is a keystroke logger app. A keystroke logger are a software that captures the keystrokes of the keyboard whenever a key is pressed or released. These programs are used for security purposes but in some cases they are used as well for hacking or stealing info from other's computers.

I made the program for the sole purpose of security. For example I'm planning to go out from my home and in which cases I let someone borrow my laptop from home then I can safely assume that nothing bad will happen to my laptop. The program will also be autostart by the computer if set by the user. This allows the program to capture keystrokes upon opening the laptop and logging in to the account. 

Also, I would like to use this program for pranking. Imagine if you could let someone use your laptop and login to their facebook account. You can look up for their username and password easily and login to their facebook account. Once you have the username and password you can then post anything. But, of course it is most important to admit and tell that it's just a prank and to change their password.

Most of all, this program was not intended to cause harm to others. Also you must know that it's also recording your own keystrokes if the program is open so bear in mind that when someone has access to the log files then some of your information might be stolen.


  1. Hello brother .. a wonderful project .. But the video clips have been deleted from YouTube .. I want you to give me the videos of building the Keyboard Snooper project, and I will transfer a sum of money through your account on the paypal


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