My first week of joining pixel dailies - June 2 - 5, 2016

My first week of pixel dailies. I am trying to improve my pixel art skills by joining this event. Posted below are my works. Some are gif and some are just png files. I used GraphicsGale for these pixel arts. It has simple and helpful tools more than enough to create animations.

Theme: Legend of Zelda
Title: Doppelgunner of Zelda

For me this was pretty good. I dont understand why it only gets a few likes or retweets. I mean I was overly amazed when I was able to finished this gif.

Zelda doppelgunner

Theme: Strider
Title: Strider

For this photo I used a reference material from google images. At first, I dont know who Strider is but after some research I quickly recognized him. Yeah, I do know him. He is from Capcom and I just remembered him in Marvel vs. Capcom game. I just didnt know that that was his name.


Theme: ashtray
Title: Ashtray for meteors

I cant decide on what to draw so I just made a gif. In fact this is the very first gif that I was able to make and upload on any social media. Not as good as those pros. I even forgot to include a shadow for the meteor. Also, I would've put a collision effect on the ashtray (which will shake the ashtray left and right for a few moment) when the meteor bumped it but too much work.

Ashtray for meteors

Theme: bathtub
Title: Bananatub

This is my first pixel art for the pixel dailies. The theme is bathtub. After a few moments of thinking I have decided to go with this banantub.


Bloody Bananatub


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