My 3rd week of joining Pixel Dailies

3rd week, my favorite number. They say the third time gets the charm. I don't trust numbers to espescially when it is just made up by people, but it's fun to play with don't you agree? Anyway, the things that I had done this week lacks uniqueness I think.

This week's bunch were not as good though compared to last week's. Espescially when compared to likes in twitter. But, one thing that I can be proud of is that some of this art are produced with some of my imagination. I just didn't copy from pictures on google. I also tried to think of something unique together with the catchphrases. I hope you enjoy my pixel arts!

Title: Dante from DMC
Theme: Dante

My other entry for the dante theme. I made another cause no one liked my previous post. I don't know what's wrong with their taste. Also, the one that I made before is the short-haired dante while this one below is the long-haired one.

catchphrase: The devil within

Title: Sabo with his favorite pipe
Theme: pipe

As I told you in some of my previous posts how much I like one piece including its characters. Some ideas just popped out of my head and I started searching for Sabo with his pipe in google. I thought there are many fans of onepiece and that this will get many likes but it turned out just few. I even included hashtags like #onepiece.

Catchphrase: Who needs a sword when you have a pipe?

Title: Magician hiding in cape
Theme: cape

I just can't fit in the whole "You can't see me!" quote of John Cena that's why I made the message look like a question mark. Didn't expect that it will fit with the personality of magicians, including their capes.

Catchphrase: Can't see me? Oops. -John Cena style

Title: Sand castle at a beach
Theme: beach

I'm not very good at drawing backgrounds. Please make do with my art style even though I just copied the waves from some pictures in google. Google is my best friend when it comes to drawing since my imagination with these things are very limited. However, in some cases I do really excel like in green minded stuffs. Please bear with my beach (bitch). I just gave you a sample of my pervert mind haha.

Catchphrase: The beach where the bitches gather

Title: Naruto in chicken jutsu
Theme: chicken

Because I can't think of any chicken style I just imitated some of the styles other contestants in the pixel dailies use. I seem to learn a lot from them like animations to doing shadows and stuffs. Doesn't this pic somehow reminds you of Naruto? By the way, he is already a Hokage cause he is wearing his future cape when he became a Hokage so the catchphrase may be confusing. Be sure to read the catchphrase.

Catchphrase: Cock-a-doodle-doo! (I wanna be a hokage!)

Title: Mr. Krabs stealing money at a bank
Theme: bank

Not very good detail but when I did Mr. Krabs I used my own imagination and posed him like that. But, I just copied the bank from the google cause I can't imagine the picture of a bank in cartoons or pixel art style.

Catchphrase: He's just gonna borrow them

Title: Dante from DMC
Theme: Dante

Burning hot as hell. Even the devil will sure be burn by this pixel art. But, why did the people on twitter didn't even feel hot when they saw this? They should at least clicked the like button. Oh, well poor people who don't even have tastes.

catchphrase: He's burning...burning...demons

Title: Xeno with blade (literally)
Theme: Xenoblade

Just make a word and draw play. I don't know what you would call this style but its just a mix-up of words and drawings. I think this should be effective but for some reason I don't hope too much that you will love it. Even though I put my very best in copying the sword reference I got from google, I think that only I have a nice taste.

Catchphrase: You can't spell Xenoblade without blade


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