Testing my animation skills

I'm trying to test my animation skills by creating simple gif using GraphicsGale. For the two gifs that I made I used 2 colors for each of them. It really was hard creating and adjusting the pixels per frame. Imagine for about 3 to 5 seconds of animation you almost need 12 frames. It's a bit tiring and I'm not espescially the kind of guy who wanna waste more time than achieve nice results.

The one with frog seems more refined than the other one. After all I made it by using all the things that I've learned after I made the gif with blue green ghost (Doppelgunner ghost bluegreen).

I find this one better. It feels like the movement were real. Also, by real this includes the effects produced by the tail and the blank eyes of the ghost. I also included my logo for these two gifs. It looks cool with the simple logo that I made before and now I'm using them in all of my works.

Find the frog!
Find the doppelgunner frog

Not too good, the sizes and direction of tails failed. This results to a non-realistic movement of the ghost.

Doppelgunner ghost bluegreen


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