My 2nd week of joining pixel dailies

Today, June 12, 2016, marks my second week of joining pixel dailies in twitter. It feels great that I was able to submit posts even though I am not proud of some of my works. I still need to be more creative, and careful where to place the pixels. After all, pixel arts is all about minimalist style. Using little pixels and different shades of colors you are tasked to create an image of something. That is why I joined the competition. That way I can learn more on pixel arts while enjoying and learning others' works and my own of course.

Listed below are my entries for the pixel dailies in twitter (They are not sorted by date):

Title: Spongebob
Theme: Spongebob

This one is too great. I just can't imagine why this not get too many likes on twitter. Anyway, I don't want their likes if they just based it on popularity. Sometimes, I think that people have no tastes or is it just me?

Catchphrase: It's nice to be spongy!


Title: Milky Boobies
Theme: Milk

I must say this is the worst. I gain no likes and retweets from this as far as I am concern. Only my nephew liked this one. He is just about 4 - 7 years old and yet he has twitter account cause he forced me to make him one. He just keep pushing the like buttons of all my tweets without knowing anything. I even asked him if he knows this pixel art below (Milky Boobies). He just said: "a table and a milk". Kids really are innocent.

Anyway, my catchphrase for this is: Real men like real boobs so drink more milk girls

Milky Boobies

Title: Folded and Hung
Theme: photo frame

I don't have any idea what will I do with the theme that day. So, I just keep on drawing until it something pops out of my brain. Why not make a folded photo frame? 

Catchphrase: Photos are meant to be folded and hung

Folded and Hung

Title: Baked beans with potato chips
Theme: Baked beans

Not proud of this work. This is just too messy, maybe I was too stressed and just posted it without second thoughts. And, no catchphrase for this one.

Baked beans with potato chips

Title: Falcon
Theme: Falcon

I forgot about Falcon of the avengers. I should've drawn that one than this bird. But, I am proud of this than the baked beans. As you can see it has some details of a bird. But, I'm just not sure if this was a hawk or a falcon. I will blame the reference material if I'm wrong. No catchphrase for this one too.


Title: Bowser
Theme: Bowser

One of the popular characters of Mario and Nintendo. Its easy if the reference material is cartoonish like this one. Its one of my best work as of my 2nd week in pixel dailies.

Catchphrase: There's no place like home!


Title: Squeezed Spongebob
Theme: Spongebob

For your information I made this one as my second entry for the Spongebob theme. I thought that maybe I can use this theme to get more followers cause Spongebob is easy to make. Put on some color, some brown and white then that's it. 

Catchphrase: I guess sponges don't break

Squeezed Spongebob

Title: Mirror's edge
Theme: Mirror's edge

Mirror + wall climbing = this
This is some sort of pun and decided to put an effort to try to make it. Of course I used google for finding reference materials. I can't draw something without models.

Catchphrase: Mirror...mirror...on the hall, who's gonna climb that wall?

Mirror's edge


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