Learning unity from activities - laying out sprites

Screenshot of the layed-out sprites
In our gamedev class we are learning unity to create games. Part of our activity this week is to lay out sprites into the unity editor and make a game level. First, we are tasked to make sprites using any drawing tools like Photoshop, Paint, etc. The tool I used was GraphicsGale and PhotoShop. I made a spritesheet containing all the sprites needed for the game. Since there is a problem regarding the transparency of the sprites created by GraphicsGale when exported to Unity, I used PhotoShop to make the transparency compatible with Unity. Here is the spritesheet (below):


Maybe in the future if I have lots of free time I can make this into a short platformer game. I was having a hard time focusing and balancing my time on thesis and studies this school year. Also, Im a graduating student this year so I need to focus first on being able to graduate. If in the future I can make this into a game then maybe the title would be "The greedy wolf" or something about wolves. I really like wolves, they are my favorite animal. What is my animal spirit? -Wolf of course. A like gray wolves by the way.


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