Make a food software challenge: DoppelEater

As new year passed already, as I always like to challenge myself but now in a different thing, not a game but in software. So I tried to make it doable as possible and made the rules lighter than before. The rules are simple I need to start at January 1, 2017 and must finished it before the school starts which is January 17, 2017. I finished the software in 16 days but with a few bugs. In doing the challenge I already expected that I will fail at some point so I just took my time to do the challenge slowly so that I can learn at the same time.

Status: Challenge COMPLETED, I made it in 16 days.

What I learned: 

I learned a few things from using the different libraries and other JavaFX specific classes. I got the hang of the basics from each of the following libraries listed below.
  • JFoenix - A library for implementing google's material design
  • DataFX -  I used this one for changing the views and sending data from one controller to another.
  • Sqlite - A mobile sql database
  • JOOQ - Does most of the common task of CRUD in sql, a wrapper or whatever sort of library. This is very helpful as they have reverse engineering for the tables in sql to be translated in Java code syntax. Therefore it will be more easy to use sql with JOOQ.
Also apart from using the libraries I also understand how the multithreading works in JavaFX, The Task and Service class is needed to do almost all of the multithreading/multitasking. This topic is one of the most important part in software application to increase the user experience so that it will not interrupt with another task or it will be done on the background.

Below is the process:

Below is the youtube demo:


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