Christmas Challenge: create a game with gift as theme = Zpeed-Wrapping

Zpeed-Wrapping icon

I challenged myself again. The challenge started on December 25, 2016 and the deadline is one week and should end before January 1, 2017. The rules are simple enough. Follow the theme: Gift, make a game and complete it before the deadline.

Before the challenge even started I already said to myself that I'll be using the decorator pattern. Even though I'm not yet sure how it will end I still didn't give up. At some point during the challenge period, I felt tired, it feels like I want another ludumdare game.

On the day that the challenge started I just focus on getting some ideas first. After all based on my experience in the ludumdare, one should have a nice and ready to implement goal or idea. So I first jogged down some ideas. After that I tried something in Unity. Then the next day I think I drew some sketches and was ready to build the game.

What comes next is implementing the idea. So I just created the sprites using photoshop and GraphicsGale. Imported it to unity and voila. But no sounds, tskktskk. Im not good with sounds and graphics yet (even in scripting I think).

Source code:
Play it here:

Here is the game demo: 

Here is the process:


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