Shape Drawing - A simple program for drawing graphics2d shapes of java.awt package

We have a graphics class this semester. We are studying how to draw 2d shapes first, we are using the java graphics library. After learning the basic API we are tasked to draw some cartoons, vehicles, and our self portrait. So, instead of hard-coding every single shapes, I decided to make a simple program that can help me draw at the click of the mouse or keyboard. I can then make it serializable so I can save and load whatever project I have worked on.
There are quite a few bugs:
- no double buffer
- cannot use Area() yet (too lazy to implement)
- the colors are limited, maybe I'll find a way to adjust the colors in the future

update about bugs(2/22/17):
- now have double buffer

Watch demo on youtube:

Below are the samples:

spidey v2 with color

spidey v1 black and white
Original spidey

bike drawing
Original bike


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